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Free online Slots of Vegas games

Just like any other modern online casino, Slots of Vegas offers to the customers plenty of free online games. There, on the colourful and attractive website you can play without using real money at first, however all types of games have their own advantages.

About Free games

Many people look for online casinos, hoping to find a reliable site with beautiful games, however not all of them know that sometimes the games there can be played absolutely for free. It is not a miracle – the providers just care about its users enough to make it real.

Why making free games?

Free games are usually here for two main reasons.

The first one is pretty obvious – the users look for free entertainment and just want to play their favourite games and have pleasant time online. Some of them are big fans of slots, the others enjoy table games like roulette and blackjack. People just visit the site, not necessarily creating a playing account, have fun there and leave.

The second reason behind it is to give the clients an amazing opportunity to learn how to play properly without risking their money, demonstrate some new great games, and help the clients get used to the gameplay. It will really help when you begin playing for money, because you will know all the buttons and features that are available in the games on the site. Therefore, for some clients from America it seems like a great opportunity to become more skilled without unnecessary risks.

How it works

First of all, you need to visit the Slots of Vegas website. You can do it from your computer or mobile device via browser. The casino is available from any gadget, and the free games feature is there as well.

After that go to the large catalogue and move your pointer to the image of it (in the full version) or lightly brush over it with your finger (on mobile devices.) The site will show you two options – real money play and practice. Select practice if you’re not ready to play for real money yet.

When you click the button, Slots of Vegas will take you straight to the game. Here, the company will provide you with $1000 of gaming points (“Fun balance”.) You can use the money to play any certain game, and if you suddenly run out of it (which happens extremely rare), you can simply renew the page and start over.

The only shortcoming is that you won’t be able to withdraw the winnings during the practice, and all the money you will win will stay in the game. Therefore, we suggest not staying in the section for too long, because the real prizes and cash are waiting for you in the real money plays with real risks, adrenaline, and pure excitement.

Free online slots or real money games – Slots of Vegas case

Sometimes it is difficult for the users, even those who absolutely love playing slots, to switch to the real money games, and there are some fair reasons. So, let’s see what advantages and disadvantages both options have.

Real money gamesFree games
Opportunity to win real money ++Can’t withdraw the winnings –
Risk of money loss –No risk of money loss +
Real risk and excitement +Lack of real excitement –
You need to know how to play properly –Can practice and make mistakes as much as you need +
You need to create and account –Can play without registration +
Any games are available to you +Not all games offer free mode –

As you can see, there are many pros and cons for both methods, so it is completely up to you to decide what mode to select this time. We, as experienced gamblers recommend you this system: use free games mode for new or complicated games to learn how to do it without risks and then go to the real money games to use your knowledge and win some cash.

Types of free games on Slots of Vegas

The free games are not gathered in just one section, because there are too many of them on the website. There you can choose any of them or switch to a different category if it feels like you need something else.


These are the classic slot machines that differ in the main theme, the number of reels, the overall design, and the jackpot prize. Any user will be able to find something that he or she would enjoy the most. The theme of the game can be seen right in the catalogue under the name (such as Action/Adventure, Asian, Classic Vegas, etc.), and the size of the jackpot is seen after moving the pointer to the game icon.

Table games

The site offers several kinds of Blackjack and Poker game to practice before your real money game. Just like any other games, you can play it for free there and increase your gambling skills. There is also a little motivation for you to learn to play faster on the table games section page – the creators have added two little banners that show recent real money winners as well as the users that have won the largest amounts. Who knows, maybe it will be your username shown on one of them someday.

Video Poker

High quality video poker is here as well. Learn the card combinations and develop your own winning strategies using the demo play mode, and move to the real rounds with the real players. Slots of Vegas offers a great variety of different Poker types, each with their own setting and little rule amendments. You can sort them by the name or the game popularity – it is completely up to you to decide.